Other people can understand that I am using 3D Illusion Hair?

HAIR 3D ILLUSION is not a simple coloring product and guarantees a perfectly natural result and is indistinguishable even up close, outdoor or under sunlight, at night, with the wind, the rain. HAIR 3D ILLUSION was born as a product intended for professionals in the cinema sector and later marketed by PAUL GLAM on an international scale, for this we are sure that the quality of the result will be of the highest quality!

Hair Illusion 3D is indicated for all types of baldness?

Hair Illusion 3D is suitable for many types of baldness, it is unfortunate but we must be honest and professional in telling you that on people who are completely bald or have reached the Norwood scale level 7, HAIR ILLUSION 3D cannot be used as it would not give you a good result. If in doubt, check the image below to see if Paul Glam Hair Illusion 3D is right for you.

Norwood Scale For Her
Norwood Scale For Him

Can I use Hair Illusion 3D to mask a scar on my scalp?

If the scar is no more than the width of 2 cm, HAIR 3D ILLUSION can easily be the solution to your problem.

HAIR 3D ILLUSION can be used with any hair type or hairstyle?

HAIR ILLUSION 3D works on any hair type, normal, large or fine, fat or dried. The application of 3D HAIR ILLUSION is flexible enough to be used on any hair style: ricci, crespi, corrugated, twisted, rights and colorful.

How long it takes to apply 3D HAIR ILLUSION?

miscellaneous, from a few seconds to minutes, depending on the size of the thinning and the skill level. Taking experience HAIR 3D ILLUSION can be applied in less than a minute!

What is the minimum length of the hair to make it work?

For best results, it is recommended by 0,7 mm in su. HAIR ILLUSION 3D will not work on a razor shaved head.

May HAIR 3D ILLUSION detach from the hair?

No, if you follow the instructions and is applied correctly. HAIR 3D ILLUSION is more adherent than traditional hair fibers. The special new formula is more resistant to the wind, sweat and rain.


Absolutely not. HAIR 3D ILLUSION is al 100% sure, will never stain clothing, bedding or scalp. If the fibers fall accidentally on a surface, simply remove them by hand or with a simple brush.

Can I use the comb after applying 3D HAIR ILLUSION?

Yup. To obtain the best results, it is necessary to dry and style your hair before applying 3D HAIR ILLUSION. However you can still comb your hair even after, just use a wide-toothed comb. You can also use your hand and fingers to style your hair into the style you want.

How long does a single application of 3D HAIR ILLUSION?

Each application can last a few days until you decide to remove it, using a shampoo for normal hair. In any case, to maintain a high visual quality of your hair, we recommend a daily touch-up.

I have to use a special shampoo to remove HAIR 3D ILLUSION?

No. You can use a normal shampoo.

How long does a bottle of 3D HAIR ILLUSION ?

Depending on the size of the area of ​​thinning, can also be used for a period of 3 months, of course, it depends on the area affected by hair loss and the amount used each time.

Can I use HAIR 3D ILLUSION and Minoxidil at the same time?

Sure, it is enough to apply Minoxidil (or any topical treatment) before, wait for the scalp to dry completely and then apply 3D HAIR ILLUSION.

I can use hairspray, hair gel or oil?

Lacquer - use it after applying 3D HAIR ILLUSION
Hair gel - apply the gel before applying 3D HAIR ILLUSION.
Hair Oils - It depends on the type of oil for your hair. In any case, we advise you to first test and use the oil before HAIR 3D ILLUSION

HAIR 3D ILLUSION can affect normal hair growth or make baldness worse in the long run?

No. HAIR ILLUSION 3D is not a medicine, it is made up of natural fibers that do not create stress for the hair and therefore do not alter normal hair growth.

How can I choose the right color for my hair?

  1. Look at yourself in the mirror. Look at your hair color at the root in the thinning area. This is the color to be ordered.
  2. if dark shades are highlighted, match the darker color.
  3. If in doubt, always remember to choose the darkest shade. For example, If you have trouble deciding between the dark brown and light brown , choose the darkest brown.

What if the color I chose not match my hair?

You can return the product to change the different color or get a refund if the product is not to your liking.

I can't find the exact shade of my hair color, two colors can be mixed?

The colors on the site cover most of the existing hair colors, in most cases it will be sufficient for you to buy the exact color or slightly darker than your hair shade.
It's good to know though that you can mix multiple colors, you can do it by following three simple steps:
  • Apply a thin layer of HAIR 3D ILLUSION darker shade to hair and disperse product .
  • Apply the HAIR 3D ILLUSION lighter shade, again gently and dispose of the product.
  • Repeat the step 1 e 2, if necessary, to obtain the desired coverage.

Can I use a plate hair straightener with this product?

Yup, but you should use the plate before applying 3D HAIR ILLUSION.

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