Every human being is subject to normal hair recycling throughout their life, which usually it regenerates twenty times, then you can say that the hair loss can be a normal occurrence, that follows the natural cycle of growth, loss and hair regrowth. This event becomes anomalous when there is irregular hair loss that goes beyond the aforementioned rules of the regeneration cycle.

To evaluate whether the hair loss you experience is normal or abnormal, there is a specific test,  the trichogram; this test will be able to detect all those parameters that are necessary to make a precise diagnosis and hair health.

The comparison between the state of hair in the regrowth phase and hair close to falling will verify whether the relationship can be traced back to the normal life cycle of the hair or whether we are in the presence of an anomaly that needs to be investigated further., to understand whether it is a temporary problem or not and to evaluate the causes that cause it, such as scalp anomalies.

Hair loss or hair loss is commonly spoken of as a generic problem which leads to the end result of having little hair or sparse hair that makes the scalp visible.] like the cleric; what is very often ignored, however, is the fact that G:Hair loss or hair loss takes on different forms and characteristics depending on the causes that generate it] and which are among the most different from each other such as receding hairline or thinning hair, premature baldness or seasonal or stress-induced hair loss, suits various kinds, treated and cured with different specifications.

Below is a list of types of hair loss:

1-HAIR balding and thinning hair: They are represented in a different manner for man a receding hairline ,for the woman a thinning of the whole scalp.

2-FORMS OF ALOPECIA: They may be source of scar or Temporary

3-COMMON BALDNESS or HEREDITARY ANDROGENETIC ALOPECIA: Hair loss derived from hereditary origin

4-ALOPECIA SEBORRHEIC: The excessive production of sebum affects on hair loss

5-ALOPECIA Psychogenic: Also called stress alopecia, it usually occurs after long periods of stress

6-TRICOLOMANIA: E’ a hair loss that is caused by sudden hair snags usually by people who have this mania

7-EFFLUVIO TELOGEN: hair loss reversible

8-DEFLUVIO TELOGEN: usually show up as a fall of irreversible hair

9-BALDNESS MALE: Hamilton-Norwood are the inventors of this scale which is useful for measuring the degree of baldness that the male patient has reached

10-BALDNESS FEMALE: Ludwig is the inventor of the scale for measuring female baldness

11-HAIR FALL SEASON: It increases hair fall depending on the seasons, especially in autumn and spring

12-HEALTH HAIR: It will appeal to the professional hair specialists to have clear answers about the loss and causes of hair loss

13-REMEDIES AND SOLUTIONS AGAINST HAIR LOSS: Intervening promptly can be essential to keeping the individual's hair intact. Treatments based on drugs such as Minoxidil or targeted trichological treatments can be the best solution to hair loss or even simple thinning.

14-ITCH IN HEAD OR HAIR: They can be a warning sign that premature hair loss is occurring.

15-LOSING YOUR HAIR: they can be the consequence of an inadequate psychological state. We are not surprised if the person in question can fall into depression.