What are the differences between keratin fibers and natural fibers?

If you suffer from baldness or thinning hair and you are looking for a product that can help you effectively mask the problem, you will surely have found yourself in front of many products, most are advertised as "keratin fibers", but it is good to know that these products are generally obtained starting from the wool of sheep or other animals.

The wool may seem like a logical choice (after all, also the hair is constituted by keratin), an inexpensive ingredient easily available on the market, but that's exactly the problem, wool is too similar to human hair and it is its own chemical composition that does not allow it to adhere stably to the hair.

You know when in the middle of winter you put on a wool sweater?

Your hair stays messy, vero? And all for a simple electrostatic process : sweater (positive charge) and the hair (positive charge) repel! The natural fibers of Paul Glam Hair Illusion 3D are instead produced starting from a material extracted from the Gossypium Herbaceum plant, they represent a real evolution of keratin fibres, Why they adhere to the hair thanks to the negative electrostatic charge that is naturally generated with the hair, (just like the opposite poles of a magnet!).

Have you ever wondered why many brands that use keratin fibers suggest using hairsprays or fixers along with their fibers? Being the hair mainly made of keratin, the electrostatic force that is generated with old generation products is not sufficient and therefore there is a need for additional help to fix them, Paul Glam Hair will adhere naturally and neatly to your hair!

The other differences between Paul Glam and the more common brands

We have already seen the important difference between Paul Glam Hair Illusion 3D and keratin products, it is important to know, however, that we have not stopped only at the materials! It is important to look at the entire composition and also the presence of any chemicals used to color the fibers. Inexpensive or non-certified products could in fact have substances that are poorly tolerated by our scalp which could therefore create various problems such as itching, or simply the disappointment of a mediocre result.

This kind of problem does not concern the revolutionary HAIR 3D ILLUSION Why, as already mentioned, the materials are fixed through electrostatic forces and not through chemical materials, Furthermore Paul Glam uses natural and quality raw materials and is a certified and safe product al 100%, for this you can use it in complete tranquility!.

The science of Paul Glam Hair

To measure the attractive offices and determine the magnetic poles of different materials, using the triboelectric scale. The greater the distance between their relative positions, more increases the attraction between the two materials.

In the triboelectric scale, human hair and wool(keratin fibers) They are very close. Being also positive charge repel rather than attract each. That is why the wool fibers do not have a good result.

Hair and HAIR 3D ILLUSION attract each other 5 times more than regular products on the market.

Test HAIR 3D ILLUSION, you'll feel a new person.

Test HAIR 3D ILLUSION, you'll feel a new person.