Traction alopecia

Like other forms, also the traction alopecia is very widespread, especially among women.

Many call it "traumatic alopecia" not to be confused with "traumatic stress alopecia", which is directly linked to inadequate psychological conditions. The traction alopecia we are talking about is connected to physical traumas such as a burn or high mechanical traction on the hair.

This kind of baldness materializes a lot among women who make a disproportionate abuse of hair straighteners, elastic bands or too fashionable hairstyles that require a lot of traction, for example like pigtails, or dreadlocks and in general all types of hairstyles that require efforts beyond the normal traction on the hair. Even some types of hairstyles where to keep the hair in shape need external agents to hold the fold.

Usually this kind of alopecia is reversible although in some cases (it is not hard to find) too much time passes before the person realizes the damage done to the hair and then it is no longer possible to recover and solve the problem.

Even the very famous model Naomi Campbell seems to have been a victim, on the internet you can easily find the photos that concern.

We advise all women to be careful: with a little attention you can find hairstyles that can be fashionable at the same time but do not endanger the health of the hair, thus preserving natural growth.