Feel bad to the hair and remedies for hair care If you feel pain in the scalp and as a feeling that you can 'define the hair skin ,It can 'think that an individual has been struck by how much of the population trichodynia. Itching in the head ,tingling or burning esseredei symptoms can be easily read by the patient. Many people speak of a pain difficult to locate and increases when combing or dall'accarezzare capelli.Anche if the hair in women this problem appears more 'often men are also subject,certainly in all cases there are problems of health of the hair.

scalp irritation or burning of the skin with hair need to scratch are symptoms related to trichodynia and it 'clear that there is' an inflammation of the scalp. This kind of inflammation of the hair skin leads to worry especially if the individual and 'subject to hair loss,often it can 'happen that this disorder leads to night tricollomania ,you scratching your hair have the urge to scratch his head to try a bit 'of relief so much so that the problem volts leads to alopecia tricollomania.E' for this reason that sometimes an examination to prevent hair fall would be helpful. What and 'it caused the trichodynia? And 'it knows that we know what brings skin inflammation,but we do not know what to do to intervene nociceptors,although experts around the world have tested the relationship between emotional states and trichodynia to understand the pain to the hair. We know that stress is associated in concomita 'of pain and itching in the head and often the same symptoms also cause the loss of T his capelli.Proprio for some medical experts think that there may be a relationship between alopecia areata stress or psychogenic. Even a quantity 'excessive sebum can' cause itching in the head and pain in the scalp and sometimes lead to seborrheic dermatitis such as oily dandruff that causes problems to the united 'follicular. Also it can not 'rule out that hair erector muscles being put under strong unnatural strain for a long time, for example in hair ligation ,or perhaps with a hat for sun protection ,may be inflamed right to hair follicles and cause pain to scalp.

Excessive hair loss can often accompany scalp pain and may be related to telogen effluvium. ,but also between a scalp irritation and seborrheic alopecia. If for example an individual who turns to a thickening of hair er center ,or by a professional who performs hair transplants it was talking with a phrase (type feel hurt the hair) do not underestimate this kind of symptom also sluts' be the beginning of a premature hair thinning, if in this case the trichologist has not an adequate response maybe one might find in front of a receding hairline or a loss of hair more 'serious. Remedies for hair loss from trichodynia often being closely linked dandruff and seborrhea ,there 'need to find adequate Haircare treatments if and' need to stop the pain to the hair and if necessary to stop hair fall. But what are the remedies to stop hair loss? Treatments laser for example are useful for giving a right intake of vitamins to the hair,or high frequency treatments for hair sanitize the scalp and trying to stimulate riscrscita of healthy and beautiful hair. A vole also a hair massage can 'help to eliminate excess sebum accumulated by helping to relax the skin. It 'clear that to prevent hair loss or to treat a hair loss already' in place and 'useful to turn to specialized centers of Agari avoiding DIY methods and seeking treatment to stop hair loss with the help of an examination.